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Michele Pottier

19/12/95 - you can go too at the french version!

The story of my Life

I was born in deep Champagne, in a family of farmers. I was a very good pupil.
The "city" was the dream of my parents. This explain my rural exodus... And I fall in Paris, the Great City, when I'm just 17 years old, in "maths-sup" (the best french High School door) .
Three years after I become student in biochemistry and "instit" (teacher). .. in the jungle of suburbs.

Then I meet an alien that will become my companion.
Feeling the need of studies less disconnected of the daily life, studies that would help me to direct the boat of my life, I discover "Sciences of Education", holdall that regroups several human sciences (ethnology, sociology, psycho, psychoanalisys, didactic, thinking about the relationship in general and the pedagogical relationship especially). When I 'll be old, perhaps I'll become a psy...

I start, with my extra-terrestre (E.T./alien), a therapy for couple, to learn how to communicate with Martians and first, with the Martian that I am, also for myself... Nine years later (no, not nine months...) we get a pretty small girl, Laïla.

Subjects of interest

- Life stories (I like to tell my life but I like too reading the others' life stories).
- Books
- Singing, music
- Gardening
- Psychology
- France Culture (radio station) (nice, "la Semaine")
- The education and the study of the cultural transmission within the family (it is elsewhere the subject of a"Work" that I don't succeed to finish, so much that touches me deeply).

Professional Activities

Me, who wants a job in "human relationship" and "culture"... sciences and technique have re-catched me: First by publishing and printing (Typo, Offset,...), I 've worked in an associative printing workshop..,
and especially by the data-processing and computers (when one is good in maths...)
programming (I start with a TI99/4A, my great sister's one, later I use TRS80 and more than ten years ago, come the PC), Desktop publishing, Layout and now, electronic publishing and programming servers and HTML...
My office is in our very small garden, and I hope to be able to continue to don't separate work and family life.

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