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The Internet resource for readers of
Jean Liedloff's acclaimed book,

The Continuum Concept


The Continuum Concept, Book Cover

"I don't know whether the world can be saved by a book, but if it could be, this might just be the book."

John Holt, Author/Educator



This website has been created by members of the Liedloff Continuum Network (LCN) to educate and serve the public -- especially parents, parents-to-be and anyone who cares about the well-being of infants and children -- by advocating the principles described in The Continuum Concept and suggesting practical ways to integrate them into daily life. We also hope to serve those who are recovering from the adverse effects of a modern, "non-continuum" upbringing, and who may or may not be parents themselves. The LCN, a worldwide network of people who are living by these principles, is a part of the Liedloff Society for the Continuum Concept, a non-profit organization sustained by volunteer efforts, membership fees and donations.

Présentation du site  transmettre et approfondir les pistes developées par l'auteur americaine jean liedloff  Pour les vraiment non anglophones…la page existe en traduction mot a mot fournie par systran et/ou power translator parfois légèrement retouchées –avis aux energies parvenant a se libérer pour ce genre de taches d'utilité publique…)… … (ou l'on voit que la traduction assistée a encore pas mal de chemin a parcourir…) un conseil pour utiliser les liens en rouge.. "ouvrez dans une nouvelle fenetre" ou pour un aller et retour texte original / assistance francais… un petit CTRL N…

This website is a work in progress. As you browse through the pages, you will find that many of them have been "born" but have not yet "grown up". You will also find many opportunities to participate in "raising" them. If you would like to submit an article, make a suggestion or report broken links and other errors, send email to "". To see what's been added since your last visit, check out our News page. You can also sign up to receive The Continuum Update whenever new LCN resources become available.

-- Scott Noelle, Website editor


While you're here, we whole-heartedly invite you to..

Invitation à….

read the book    lire le livre -présentation

This page includes a brief description of The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff, and how to obtain a copy of this life-changing book.

grasp the concept …les principes de CC, exemples et extraits

A definition of the continuum concept itself, examples of continuum and non-continuum practices, and excerpts from the book.

meet the author…interview, presentation de jean liedloff

An interview with Jean Liedloff: biographical highlights, what she's doing now, and her hopes for the future.

read some more …ici Faq, articles, extraits, recensions et liens…

Here you'll find plenty of useful information and eye-opening perspectives. Articles by Jean Liedloff and others, excerpts from past issues of the LCN newsletter, the Continuum Concept FAQ, book reviews, and links to more info on the Web.

apply the concept…suggestions pratiques pour la vie quotidienne, témoignages

Practical suggestions for applying the continuum concept to modern-day living and parenting -- without relocating your family to the South American jungle. Includes real-life stories and testimonials.

get the goods… du porte bébé a la K7video en passant par les bouquins…

Information about "continuum-friendly" products and services: baby carriers, books and videos, education, reprints of LCN literature, and more.

join the network …le reseau, , rejoindre ceux qui comme vous veulent appliquer, approfondir , partager…

If you want to make the principles of The Continuum Concept a part of your life and connect with people around the world who share this philosophy, we invite you to become a member of the Liedloff Continuum Network.

meet other members …album photo et home pages… rencontrer la pensée des autres au travers le monde..

The LCN photo album, plus links to members' personal home pages. We are people of many nations, faiths, philosophies, educational and economic backgrounds, and lifestyles. We find common ground in the continuum of the human race.

enter the forum …la mailing list (les échanges sont en anglais, mais l'entraide, les reflexions partagées et la chaleur y sont largement presentes

Learn about our email-based discussion group (mailing list), established for both members and guests to pose questions, share experiences and offer perspectives with other Continuum Concept enthusiasts. This is currently the most active aspect of the LCN and the best way to get a variety of helpful answers to your parenting questions. A strong feeling of community has emerged from this forum, and many participants consider it their "cyber-village."

find your "tribe"  … démarrer un groupe local… pour le moment, ici, je connais nous (pour ecrire cliquer ici!) a sevres/paris et diane  vers montpellier… (plus les sympathisant/e/s lll bien sur)…

How to start or join a local support group or work/play group based on the continuum principles. Stories from people who've started parenting groups, joined intentional communities, and more.

spread the word …passer le message…

Suggestions for sharing the continuum concept with others and helping your community, business, organization and/or government become more "continuum friendly". How to create or suggest links between this website and other related sites. Using the mass media to promote continuum principles. How to book Jean Liedloff for a speaking engagement.


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