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unschooling in France


No-scho? Unscho? Homescho?
Open education?
Education otherwise
Education in freedom?,
Living (together) and not to educate?
finding the right word is not so easy… then it's open to everybody! avis a tou/te/s
Just mail … ideas, comments..!


link to roger's website about alternatives in education, the circul'air
l'annuaire des ecoles differentes et des alternatives a l'ecole
directory of alternative schools and education otherwise….

link to catherine's web site on the paris unschooler network
with bibliography,and many other links and infos..
new adress for
catherine aout 99


the micro mailing liste
'informations exchanges, self organisation…
who are you, your wishes…
mail in order to subscribe



A glance here!
open places parents children relationship
to enhance and strengthen a quality and 'open' link /not forced ultra
precocious separation..
resources centers for the LT (life together), the unschoolers,.. and all , of any ages who whish open their lives and experiences..


les enfants d'ab!

eda's leaflet

to register

summer 99 rencontre meeting


files, docs and archives

london 99conference

the un-scho at the university

campain 99

some doc about the campaign against the crazy french gov…. who threatens freedom in education in our country

press realease

arguments for deputies and senators.. and..


a call to the 'old' and former members

same inthe ecolo review from lyon silence

 soon testimonies and answers, how to , letters…

NEW sept99 divers documents en français sur la non scolarisation
(résumés d'études anglo-saxones , appels; témoignages…)
if someone want to translate these new files…


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